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Role of Adult Education in National Development of Nigeria

Role of Adult Education in National Development of Nigeria
Role of Adult Education in National Development of Nigeria

Adult education is a form of learning that focuses on providing functional literacy to adults who were not opportune to get any type of formal education when they were young.

It can also be seen as a form of learning that caters to the educational needs of young adults who prematurely drop out of the formal learning or school system.

Adult education focuses on changing the attitude of adults and equipping them through formal education with everything they need( education-wise) to be relevant to their society.

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Adult education plays an important role in national development especially socially. Studies have shown that adult education plays a major role in social development by actively including adults in the quest to reduce poverty, by providing them with a form of formal education that makes it possible for them to recognize and take opportunities that they would not have been able to take without a form of formal education.

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Role of Adult Education in National Development of Nigeria

Role of Adult Education in National Development of Nigeria

Also, adult education goes a long way in helping the poor and the less fortunate in Nigeria, taking advantage of programs and resources that the government has set aside to help better their lives and make them able to stand on their feet. For example, an introduction to computer studies makes it possible for people who did not have a formal education growing up, to explore the endless possibilities that the internet provides.

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Adult education also makes it possible for the government of the country to properly practice democracy. For democracy to be truly achieved, adult education is needed to inform adults with no formal education of their rights and responsibilities.

This is important because democracy requires the involvement or participation of grassroots organizations as well as the uneducated in the decision-making process of the country.

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