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Reasons Nigeria Public School System is Deteriorating

Reasons Nigeria Public School System is Deteriorating
Reasons Nigeria Public School System is Deteriorating

In Nigeria today, you do not need to be an expert to know that the country’s Public School sector is nothing to write home about.

From run-down buildings and dilapidated infrastructure to overpopulated classrooms, the entire country’s education system still has a long way to go especially the public school.

Below are various reasons why the Nigerian public school system is deteriorating.

One major factor affecting the potency of public schools in Nigeria is overpopulation. The ever-growing population of the country affects the quality of life of the people. In this country, the majority of the people live below the poverty margin, which makes educating a child a lot more difficult.

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In cases like this, parents that truly want to send their children to school have no choice but to send them to public schools with terrible infrastructures and lack qualified teachers. On the rare occasion that the teachers are qualified, they are limited by the overwhelming number of students in the class.

Reasons Nigeria Public School System is Deteriorating

Reasons Nigeria Public School System is Deteriorating

Another factor responsible for the failure of Nigeria’s education sector particularly the public school is the inability of the government to prioritize the need to create standard and affordable education.

A good example is seen in the way the state government places more importance on accrediting private schools due to the revenue it generates. Though there is a reasonable number of private schools across the country( more are established every year) only a select few can afford the outrageous fees.

In other words, accrediting private schools do very little to curb the problem of overpopulation in public schools. Parents have no choice but to send their children to substandard public schools that they can afford.

Also, very little in terms of infrastructure and facilities are allocated to public schools in Nigeria which in itself is a bad thing. The worst thing however is the overuse of said limited resources that comes with having too many people competing to use them.

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In most public schools, students not only compete for seats and facilities, but they also compete for teachers’ attention, as well as the usage of instructional materials( especially in primary schools). The long-term effect of this is the breeding of a large number of poorly educated Nigerian citizens and a few well-educated ones.

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