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Mesothelioma: 4 Symptoms This Deadly Disease Has That Can Make People Mistake It For Covid-19

Mesothelioma: 4 Symptoms This Deadly Disease Has That Can Make People Mistake It For Covid-19
Mesothelioma: 4 Symptoms This Deadly Disease Has That Can Make People Mistake It For Covid-19

Mesothelioma is a strange disease many people especially Nigerians may not have heard about it.

Meanwhile, many people around the world are scared of Covid-19 due to how deadly it is. Covid-19 is not dreaded by many in vain. It came from Wuhan, China, spread too fast and killed many people in different countries of the world.

However, there is a deadly disease that shares similar symptoms with Covid-19 which many people especially Nigerians may not know about. It is called Mesothelioma.

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what is Mesothelioma?

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Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that grows in the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or heart. Findings show that it is always linked to asbestos exposure. It could affect the lining of the lungs and that one is called Pleural Mesothelioma. But when it affects the lining of the tummy, it is called Peritoneal Mesothelioma.

Luckily, Mesothelioma is not common in Nigeria. This is because the cases are very few in Nigeria when compared with other countries. Still, it is good to know those symptoms that Mesothelioma has in common with COVID-19 so that people will not confuse the two since they are totally different. While Mesothelioma is a type of cancer but it is not contagious, Covid-19 is a deadly virus and it is contagious.

Mesothelioma and COVID-19 have these four similar symptoms.

1. Chest pain: this is one of the prominent symptoms of COVID-19. Surprisingly, it is also a symptom of Mesothelioma. Whenever someone has unusual chest pain, it is a symptom that is linked to COVID-19. But, having chest pain alone is not enough to conclude that one has the virus.

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2. Shortness of breath: This is another symptom of Covid-19 that many people feel scared about. Mesothelioma has this as one of its symptoms as well. Having shortness of breath is dangerous and it is part of the reasons why Covid-19 kills as it suffocates the person that has it.

3. Fatigue: Nobody enjoys this feeling at all. Fatigue means an extreme feeling of tiredness. Both Mesothelioma and Covid-19 have this as one of their symptoms.

4. Persistent cough: This symptom is one that many people can easily relate to when Covid-19 is mentioned. People tend to stay away, cover their mouth and nose when someone starts to cough persistently. Well, persistent cough is a symptom both Mesothelioma and Covid-19 have in common.

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Nevertheless, people should not be too quick to jump to a hasty conclusion that it is this or that based on the symptoms alone. Only medical examination and tests by health experts can help to confirm if it is Mesothelioma or Covid-19.

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