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Importance Of Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria

Importance Of Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria
Importance Of Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria

Entrepreneurship education is a type of education that is aimed at providing students with, motivation, knowledge, and skills to facilitate entrepreneurial success in several settings.

Usually, the purpose of entrepreneurship education is to create all types of skills and experiences that allow learners the ability to access, as well as transform opportunities within and outside their community.

The idea of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria goes beyond business creation. It involves enhancing the skill of students to foresee and respond to societal changes.

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The history of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria has made a positive impact on the nation’s development. The economic situation of the country shows how vital entrepreneurship education is. Below are 5 importance of entrepreneurship education.

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1. Job Creation
Due to the disturbing rate of unemployment in Nigeria, the country needs entrepreneurial education for the job opportunities and the income it generates for the nation and the masses.

Entrepreneurship education empowers students to create employment opportunities by teaching them special skills like critical thinking, innovation, and creativity. By empowering students to create businesses through their talents or hobbies, the future unemployment rate is reduced. This goes a long way in ensuring self-employment and financial independence.

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2. Individual Competence and personal Development
Through entrepreneurship education, people gain vital entrepreneurial skills like communication, financial responsibility, creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

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This form of education encourages self-discipline in youths. It also forces them to trust in their abilities to take calculated risks when necessary. On the other hand, it goes a long way in helping Nigerian youths understand that they can create their dream jobs by relying on their abilities rather than waiting for the government.

3. Economic Growth
In many countries across the world, entrepreneurial activities have led to massive economic growth. When entrepreneurs produce goods and services, job opportunities, or contribute to exports of a country, it benefits the economy of the country, causing a significant growth of the economy of such nation. This is why entrepreneurship education.

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