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5 Foods That Can Damage Your Eyesight If Consumed in Excess

5 Foods That Can Damage Your Eyesight If Consumed in Excess
5 Foods That Can Damage Your Eyesight If Consumed in Excess

Eyesight simply means the ability to see with your eyes. Taking your eye for granted is not a good idea because the eyes are a very important organ of a person’s body.

The food you eat has a  big effect on your eye health. Though many foods help curb age-related visual disorders, some can damage your eyes, especially when you eat them in excess and on regular basis. Below are a few of the foods that put your eyesight in danger.

1. Fried Foods

Deep-fried foods containing trans fats are known to increases LDL cholesterol levels. They can also produce free radical chemicals which can harm or kill eyes cells and cells in other parts of the body. You are advised to consume more vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, red bell peppers, and tomatoes, because of their ability to combat free radical chemicals.

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2. Processed meat

Excessive consumption of pork, bacon, hot dogs and other processed meat is bad for your eyesight because of the high level of sodium they contain. Also, a person can develop high blood pressure as a result of an increased intake of red or processed meat. This may lead to the damage of the blood vessel which can result in blurred vision or loss of vision. This condition is known as hypertensive retinopathy.

5 Foods That Can Damage Your Eyesight If Consumed in Excess

5 Foods That Can Damage Your Eyesight If Consumed in Excess

3.  Sugary foods

Consuming high levels of sweet or sugary foods and drinks like ice cream, candies, lemonade, soda, energy drink, and others can have a bad impact on your eyesight. Excess insulin or sugar in the body can lead to medical conditions like retinopathy, impaired vision, and glaucoma, to name a few.

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4. Pasta and bread

According to research, simple carbs, like those found in spaghetti and white bread have been linked to an increased risk of age-related eye disorders. Overconsumption of carbohydrate food is a major cause of eyesight deterioration in older people. To avoid this problem, health experts recommend whole-grain bread instead of white bread and pasta instead of spaghetti.

5. Alcohol

Studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption can cause the blood vessels in your eyes to expand and fill up with blood, thereby making your eyes red. This has a very negative effect on your entire vision process. Damaged eyesight is a long-term consequence of excessive alcohol consumption.

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