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5 Common Pregnancy Complications Expectant Mothers Should Look Out For

5 Common Pregnancy Complications Expecting Mothers Should Look Out For
5 Common Pregnancy Complications Expecting Mothers Should Look Out For

Most pregnancies are without complications. But some pregnant women may experience Pregnancy Complications that will involve their health, the health of their baby, or and in some cases both.

Occasionally, the already existing medical conditions of the mother can lead to complications during pregnancy. Some of these complications occur during delivery. The risk of complications can be detected early and reduced during prenatal care.

Below are 5 common Pregnancy Complications women experience during pregnancy:

1.  High blood pressure

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High blood pressure is a condition that occurs when the arteries responsible for carrying blood from the heart to various organs and the placenta are narrowed. High blood pressure can increase your risk of other complications like preeclampsia which puts you at a higher risk of having a baby well before your due date. This is why it is important to control your blood pressure with medications during pregnancy.

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2. Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs when your body is unable to process sugars effectively which leads to very high sugar levels in the bloodstream. Women suffering from this condition will need to alter their meal plans to help control or regulate their blood sugar levels. In some cases, pregnant women may need to take insulin to help manage their blood sugar levels. Gestational diabetes often resolves after pregnancy.

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5 Common Pregnancy Complications Expecting Mothers Should Look Out For

5 Common Pregnancy Complications Expecting Mothers Should Look Out For

3. Preterm labor
Preterm labor is when you go into labor before carrying your child for at least 37 weeks of pregnancy, before the baby’s organs, such as the lungs and the brain, are fully formed or developed.

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4. Miscarriage
This is when a pregnant woman loses the pregnancy during the first 20 weeks. A woman is said to have had a stillbirth if she loses the pregnancy after carrying past week 20. Research has shown that up to 20 percent of pregnancies among healthy women end in a miscarriage. Occasionally, this happens before a woman even knows she is pregnant. Most times, miscarriages cannot be prevented.

5. Anemia
Anaemias is when you have a lower-than-normal number of red blood cells in your body. This condition causes a person to have pale skin and feel more weak and tired than usual. Though Anemia can be caused by several things, taking supplements of folic acid and iron during pregnancy can help with anemia

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