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4 Skills That Can Help You Get 6 Figure Remote Jobs Faster

4 Skills That Can Help You Get 6 Figure Remote Jobs Faster
4 Skills That Can Help You Get 6 Figure Remote Jobs Faster Photo Credit: Dreamstime

As the world adjusts to the realities of the post COVID19 economy, the million dollars question everyone is asking is – Are we ever going to resume office fully? Will hybrid and remote jobs settings be the new future of work?

Let us do a recap of how we got here in the first place.

As COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world becoming the most devastating global health crisis since the Spanish flu, Companies across the globe from Big Corporations to SMEs to startups were forced to mandate their employees to work from home in other to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

As we open the economy back, a lot of companies decided that their employees should continue to work remotely to cut costs of Office space and other utilities while also improving productivity.

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This has also given more companies the leverage to hire from anywhere in the world, thereby leading to the proliferation of global remote/ hybrid global work culture. The truth is a lot of companies will never resume full office settings so YES Hybrid/ remote is the future of work.

A Software developer in Arizona can be working for a company in East London. A UI/UX Designer based in India can be working for a Startup based in Ontario Canada from the comfort of his bed.

4 Skills That Can Help You Get 6 Figure Remote Jobs Faster

4 Skills That Can Help You Get 6 Figure Remote Jobs Faster

Welcome to the global job market, the job will go anywhere the skills are located, this is the reality of the job in the market in 2022. As a professional looking for ways to break into the competitive and rewarding global job market and earn 6 figures from the comfort of your home. You must arm yourself with these skills

1 Content/ SEO Writing

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Content Marketing can be described as the unique process of writing and sharing relevant eye-catching content to lure a particular set of people, turning leads into sales and subsequently Return on Investment ROI.

This is an important skill that is being sought because after creating all the Software and Apps you need quality content to market your products.

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2 Software Development

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This is a group of computer processes aimed at creating, designing, and supporting software. The software itself can simply be defined as a group of programs that directs the computer on action to take, for every amazing App and website there is an amazing developer behind it. Software developers are being sought after all over the globe.

3 UI/UX Design

The user interface is the component through which users familiarize themselves with a product like menu bars colors and colors while User experience UX design is the user’s experience in the process of interacting with the product.

Start-Ups, SMEs, and big firms across the globe are looking for UI/UX Designers

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4 Product Management

Product Management is the strategy for creation. Planning and management of a new product.

Product Managers are being sought after with extremely rewarding 6 figure salaries

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