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3 Untapped Paths in Tech For Aspiring Career Changers

3 Untapped Paths in Tech For Aspiring Career Changers
3 Untapped Paths in Tech For Aspiring Career Changers

In human history, every generation must have a unique tech innovation that will not only shape their existence but also lay the foundation for future generations.

From the evolution of the Automobile to Airplanes to sending a man to the moon human innovation has always been the defining factor of human existence.

Technological evolution can arguably be stated as the most unique innovation of the 21st century. This innovation has put powers exclusive for governments and the effluent into the hands of everyone while also diversifying wealth in the process.

One of the most fascinating attributes of tech innovation is that with the proliferation of remote/ hybrid jobs aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic, jobs in the tech sector are readily available for anyone residing anywhere in the world. A UX designer in Los Angeles is competing for the same job with a UX Designer in Seoul, South Korea, and Lagos, Nigeria. This is the reality of today’s global job market; the job will go wherever the skills are found.

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However, the majority of people thinking of starting a career in tech always think about the popular roles Backend Dev, Frontend Dev, Full Stack, UI/UX Product Design, and the rest. In this article, we want to talk about 3 untapped Careers in tech where demands outweigh the supply.

1. Cyber Security

It is the process of preventing unauthorized usage of electronic data or any strategy designed to make sure this happens.

In the past decades, the term cybersecurity has been associated with anything that has to do with security in IT but we need to clarify that although cyber security is a big component of the IT security architecture, it is not all security processes in IT that can be tagged as cybersecurity because cybersecurity has its unique tools

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In this age of increasing breakthroughs in technology alongside the proliferation of data, companies are always looking for cybersecurity experts that can prevent any cyber-attack. The average salary for cyber security experts according to research is US$15,000 and the demand for these skills. Research by Burning Glass Technologies revealed that the demands for cyber security experts will increase between 115% and 164% in the next five years

2. Technical Writing

Technical writing is the process of writing a comprehensive regulation to assist users to have a better understanding of a product, skill, or service. Experts in the field are called technical writers they write these regulations referred to as technical documentation. It can be user manuals for software or docs for API developers.
Technical writers break down technical information in a way that the reader can easily understand

3. Digital Marketing
Beyond the codes, the nice software, and the App marketing is important and, in a world, where people spend hours on their phones and PC selling/ advertising tech products to people are more efficient online. This is where digital marketing comes is important

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3 Untapped Career in Tech For Aspiring Career Changers

3 Untapped Paths in Tech For Aspiring Career Changers

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be described as any marketing activity that involves the use of electronic devices, it is used by experts to reveal promotions and display its effects on clients and customers. it has different categories from pictures to videos to sponsored ads.

Experts are needed in this sector because the more the companies and products the more Digital marketing experts needed

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